SATs Revision

So it's nearly time for those oh-so-important SATs exams and of course you want to do your very best and beat that target level you set with your Maths teacher at the start of the year?

Yes? Oh good well look no further then! ...

Parent's Evening Presentation

Revision Techniques

Revising can be a chore, but you can make it less painful and more effective.

Here is a great guide for parents (and pupils) from the BBC. And here is a guide to study skills for pupils.

Practice makes perfect

In general, maths is quite easy to revise for, the best way is to practice, practice, practice! Doing little and often is better than spending long chunks of time.

Identify your weaknesses

You should try and identify areas which you are weaker at and practice those. The half term resources below will help you to start doing this, so will the mock exam in February. At Easter we will send you the level ladders for your paper, these will show you what skills you need to move from one level to the next, broken down, topic by topic. We will also be giving you your very own revision guide free of charge!!!

Find some questions

Once you know what to practice you should find some questions to have a go at.


Half Term Resources

At half-term (8th-17th February) we will be posting a pack of revision materials home to you. These are based on the 10 4 10 revision packages consisting of 5 mental and two written questions to do for each day of the holiday. These cover the key areas that are covered in the SATs and answers are provided so that you can check your work afterwards.

If you have lost yours, just want to print a spare copy, or want to try a different level of questions then they are available below:

Level 4:
Level 5:
Level 6:
Level 7:
Level 8:

Revision Guides

We will be giving you a revision guide after half term, this will have explanations of each topic and some questions to practice. You will receive one of these depending on which paper you will be taking:

external image 21C5CbhU-qL._PIsitb-dp-arrow,TopRight,21,-23_SH30_OU02_AA115_.jpg external image 21z6Q3jhmZL._PIsitb-dp-arrow,TopRight,21,-23_SH30_OU02_AA115_.jpg

On-line Resources

There are a wealth of resources online to help with Maths, both free resources and some that we as a school have paid for:
  • MyMaths - for SATs revision you should particularly work through the 4 Boosters and/or 6 Boosters depending on your level. You should know your login details by now, if you don't ask your teacher.
  • BBC Bytesize - free revision materials from the BBC.
  • Mathsnet - interactive SATs questions and more free resources.
  • SAM Learning - a revision resource that the school subscribes to, and where some homeworks may be set. The login details are:
    • Centre ID: M12SP
    • User ID: Date of birth and initials - e.g. 251294SC for Santa Claus born on 25th Dec 1994.
    • Password: Same as User ID (unless changed by the user).

Past Papers

Having a go at past SATs papers is a great way to see how you're getting on and practice your skills. We will be using some in class nearer the exams but if you want more to practice they are all available to download here.

There are also interactive on-line versions here:

Easter Resources

At Easter we will send another pack of resources to you, these will be level-ladders that show you how to move from one level to the next in each topic and will let you see where you are now. Links to electronic copies of these will appear here soon.