• Recognise and visualise the transformation and symmetry of a 2-D shape:
    • reflection in given mirror lines, and line symmetry;
    • rotation about a given point, and rotation symmetry;
    • translation;
  • explore these transformations and symmetries using ICT.
  • Understand the relationship between ratio and proportion; solve simple problems about ratio and proportion using informal strategies.


  • Know that if two 2-D shapes are congruent, corresponding sides and angles are equal.
  • Transform 2-D shapes by simple combinations of rotations, reflections and translations, on paper and using ICT; identify all the symmetries of 2-D shapes.
  • Understand and use the language and notation associated with enlargement; enlarge 2-D shapes, given a centre of enlargement and a positive whole-number scale factor; explore enlargement using ICT.
  • Consolidate understanding of the relationship between ratio and proportion; reduce a ratio to its simplest form, including a ratio expressed in different units, recognising links with fraction notation.


  • Know that translations, rotations and reflections preserve length and angle and map objects on to congruent images; identify reflection symmetry in
    3-D shapes.
  • Enlarge 2-D shapes, given a centre of enlargement and a negative whole-number scale factor, on paper;
    • identify the scale factor of an enlargement as the ratio of the lengths of any two corresponding line segments;
    • recognise that enlargements preserve angle but not length, and understand the implications of enlargement for perimeter.
  • Use proportional reasoning to solve a problem; interpret and use ratio in a range of contexts.

Key Vocabulary:

  • congruent, corresponding angles, corresponding sides, triangle, quadrilateral, reflect, reflection, line of symmetry, reflection symmetry, rotate, rotation, rotation symmetry, centre of rotation, order of rotational symmetry, translate, translation, enlarge, enlargement, centre of enlargement, scale, scale factor, ratio, coordinate grid.

Suggested Lesson Outcomes:



Teaching & Learning Resources:

Translation Resources
Reflection Resources
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Enlargement Resources
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