• Consolidate and extend mental methods of calculation to include decimals, fractions and percentages, accompanied where appropriate by suitable jottings.
  • Multiply and divide three-digit by
    two-digit whole numbers; extend to multiplying and dividing decimals with one or two places by single-digit whole numbers.
  • Convert one metric unit to another (e.g. grams to kilograms).


  • Understand addition and subtraction of fractions and integers, and multiplication and division of integers; use the laws of arithmetic and inverse operations.
  • Use the order of operations, including brackets, with more complex calculations.
  • Consolidate and extend mental methods of calculation, working with decimals, fractions and percentages, squares and square roots, cubes and cube roots; solve word problems mentally.
  • Make and justify estimates and approximations of calculations.
  • Consolidate standard column procedures for addition and subtraction of integers and decimals with up to two places.
  • Use standard column procedures for multiplication and division of integers and decimals, including by decimals such as 0.6 or 0.06; understand where to position the decimal point by considering equivalent calculations.
  • Check a result by considering whether it is of the right order of magnitude and by working the problem backwards.
  • Use units of measurement to estimate, calculate and solve problems in everyday contexts.


  • Understand the effects of multiplying and dividing by numbers between 0 and 1.
  • Understand the order of precedence and effect of powers.
  • Extend mental methods of calculation, working with decimals, fractions, percentages, factors, powers and roots.
  • Use standard column procedures to add and subtract integers and decimals of any size.
  • Multiply and divide by decimals, dividing by transforming to division by an integer.

Key Vocabulary:

  • associative, distributive, partition (Y7:operation, commutative, inverse, product, quotient, divisor, remainder, brackets, BIDMAS, complement)

Suggested Lesson Outcomes:



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