• Use letter symbols to represent unknown numbers or variables; know the meanings of the words term, expression and equation.
  • Simplify linear algebraic expressions by collecting like terms.


  • Begin to distinguish the different roles played by letter symbols in equations, formulae and functions; know the meanings of the words formula and function.
  • Know that algebraic operations follow the same conventions and order as arithmetic operations; use index notation for small positive integer powers.
  • Simplify or transform linear expressions by collecting like terms; multiply a single term over a bracket.
  • Use formulae from mathematics and other subjects; substitute integers into simple formulae, and positive integers into expressions involving small powers (e.g. 3x2 + 4 or 2x3); derive simple formulae.


  • Use index notation for integer powers and simple instances of the index laws.
  • Simplify or transform algebraic expressions by taking out single term common factors.

Key Vocabulary:

  • algebra, symbol, unknown, evaluate, simplify, substitute, expression, equation, commutative, formula, function, bracket, expand, factorise.

Suggested Lesson Outcomes:



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