• Understand and use the relationships between the four operations, and the principles (not the names) of the arithmetic laws.
  • Use brackets.


  • Use letter symbols to represent unknown numbers or variables; know the meanings of the words term, expression and equation.
  • Understand that algebraic operations follow the same conventions and order as arithmetic operations.
  • Simplify linear algebraic expressions by collecting like terms; begin to multiply a single term over a bracket (integer coefficients).
  • Construct and solve simple linear equations with integer coefficients (unknown on one side only) using an appropriate method (e.g. inverse operations).


  • Begin to distinguish between the different roles played by letter symbols in equations, formulae and functions; know the meanings of the words formula and function.
  • Construct and solve linear equations with integer coefficients (unknown on either or both sides, without and with brackets) using appropriate methods (e.g. inverse operations, transforming both sides in the same way).

Key Vocabulary:

  • algebra, symbol, unknown, variable, evaluate, value, simplify, substitute, solve, term, expression, equation, equals, commutative, brackets, partition.

Suggested Lesson Outcomes:



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