Welcome staff, to the St Peter's High School Maths Scheme Of Work. Contained within are all the objectives, resources and other materials needed to plan effectively for all our pupils.

The Wiki:

If this is you first visit then please read the Guide to get an understanding of how this scheme works and to see which objectives you should be teaching to your classes.

If you would like to contribute to this scheme that would be great, you need to sign up for a wikispaces account, and then click the 'join this space' button on this site.

For a guide on how this works, why not see the one I wrote for the pupils.

The Resources:

To search all of the resources available try the resources page, just click on the tag that you are interested in to see a list of all the cataloged resources for that topic.


If you want to speak to me about anything on this site then feel free to email me.