The new KS3 Framework has a renewed focus on using and applying Maths along with developing the Personal, learning and thinking skills and the Cross-curricular dimensions introduced with the new National Curriculum.

On reflection the content which we need to deliver has changed little and so with some tweaking our previous scheme of work will suffice in structure. However the manner in which we deliver the content and offer opportunities to put the Maths in context, develop pupils personal skills and link in with other subjects requires some work.


There are a number of fantastic resource banks out there full of 'rich' mathematical tasks which we could use:

nRich: Hundreds of puzzles and investigations, updated monthly.
Kangaroo Maths: Particularly Using & Applying and Enrichment sections.
Bowland Maths: New resources designed specifically with the new curriculum in mind.
LEMA Project: Chris is attending this training/project and will have a number of activities to share with us.
Defence Dynamics: Interactive resources / lesson plans based on real world scenarios from the MoD.
Mr barton maths : Apparently full of good stuff!
Our imaginations and other sources, feel free to add to this list.....

Moving On:

In each KS3 topic I suggest we add a Rich Tasks section and fit these resources and others in where we see fit. If we all keep this updated with what works and what does not we should quickly build up a strong base of resources.