Welcome parents, to the St Peter's High School KS3 Maths Website. This site was initially designed for staff use, to store our scheme of work, which we use to help plan lessons. But it is growing into a site that will hopefully be of use to us, yourselves and your children.

What's being taught?

If you would like to see what we are teaching your child at the moment then have a look at the scheme timetable and follow the links. Each topic has a large number of objectives, please bear in mind that we do not teach all of these to each class, it depends very much on the ability of the specific group.

How Can I help?

If you are wondering how you can help your child progress in Maths then you've come to the right place!

What Level?

If you ask your child what level they are in Maths, they should be able to tell you, if not ask them to ask their class teacher.

What Next?

Once you know what level they are then head over to the level progression pages below, these show what topics/skills are needed to move up to the next National Curriculum level.

Level 3: Moving from Level 3 to Level 4

Level 4: Moving from Level 4 to Level 5

Level 5: Moving from Level 5 to Level 6

Level 6: Moving from Level 6 to Level 7

Level 7: Moving from Level 7 to Level 8


To move up to the next level your child is going to have to do some work!! For this there are a number of resources available to you:

Revision Guides: We have some available in school for purchase and there are many available from all good bookshops. Make sure to get one targeted at the correct level for your pupil.

Online Resources: There are a wealth of resources online to help with Maths, both free resources and some that we as a school have paid for:

    • SAM Learning - a revision resource that the school subscribes to, and where some homeworks may be set. The login details are:
      • Centre ID: M12SP
      • User ID: Date of birth and initials - e.g. 251294SC for Santa Claus born on 25th Dec 1994.
      • Password: Same as User ID (unless changed by the user).

    • MyMaths - another resource we have subscribed to, full of games, exercises, explanations and questions. The login details are:
      • Login: Kirkmanshulme
      • Password: frequency (Pupils will be given individual logins in the future but for now this works for everyone.)'.