Y10 Foundation: Topic 5: Reading Scales and Converting units


    • Make estimates of: length; volume and capacity; weights
    • Make accurate and approximate conversions between metric, and metric and imperial units
    • Decide on the appropriate units to use in real life problems
    • Read measurements from instruments: scales; analogue and digital clocks; thermometers, calculate with time, including the use of timetables and calendars

Prior Knowledge:

    • An awareness of the imperial system of measures
    • Strategies for multiplying and dividing by 10
    • Knowledge of the conversion facts for metric lengths, mass and capacity
    • Knowledge of the conversion facts between seconds, minutes and hours

Key Vocabulary:

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Differentiation & Extension:

    • This could be made a practical activity by collecting assorted everyday items and weighing, measuring to check the estimates of their lengths, weights and volumes
    • Use ICT and reference books to find the weights, volumes and heights of large structures such as buildings, aeroplanes and ships
    • Work with more difficult examples
    • Work with real timetables and real holiday brochures for working out holiday dates

Using & Applying ideas:

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    • Measurement is essentially a practical activity
    • Use a range of everyday objects to make the lesson more real
    • All working should be shown with multiplication or division by powers of 10

Teaching & Learning Resources:

3D Shapes Resources