Y10 Foundation: Topic 18: Powers and brackets


    • Multiply and divide powers of the same number
    • Understand and use the index rules to simplify algebraic expressions,
    • Use brackets to expand and simplify simple algebraic expressions
    • Solve linear equations involving a single pair of brackets

Prior Knowledge:

    • Experience of using a letter to represent a number
    • Ability to use negative numbers with the four operations

Key Vocabulary:

  • Copy and paste here.

Differentiation & Extension:

    • Examples where all the skills in the objectives are required
    • Factorising where the factor may involve more than one variable
    • Use index rules with negative numbers (and fractions)

Using & Applying ideas:

  • Collaborate here.

    • Emphasise correct use of symbolic notation, eg 3x rather than 3 × x
    • Present all work neatly, writing out the questions with the answers to aid revision at a later stage

Teaching & Learning Resources:

3D Shapes Resources