Y10 Foundation: Topic 4: Percentages


    • Understand that a percentage is a fraction in hundredths
    • Write a percentage as a decimal or as a fraction in its simplest terms
    • Write one number as a percentage of another number
    • Calculate the percentage of a given amount
    • Find a percentage increase/decrease of an amount
    • Calculate simple and compound interest for two, or more, periods of time
    • Calculate an index number

Prior Knowledge:

    • Four operations of number
    • The concepts of a fraction and a decimal
    • Number complements to 10 and multiplication tables
    • Awareness that percentages are used in everyday life

Key Vocabulary:

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Differentiation & Extension:

    • Fractional percentages of amounts
    • Percentages which convert to recurring decimals and situations which lead to percentages of more than 100%
    • Combine multipliers to simplify a series of percentage changes
    • Problems which lead to the necessity of rounding to the nearest penny (eg real-life contexts)
    • Comparisons between simple and compound interest calculations
    • Formulae in simple interest/compound interest methods

Using & Applying ideas:

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    • For non-calculator methods make sure that remainders and carrying are shown
    • In preparation for this unit students should be reminded of basic percentages and recognise their fraction and decimal equivalents

Teaching & Learning Resources:

3D Shapes Resources