Y10 Foundation: Topic 19: Formulae


    • Use letters or words to state the relationship between different quantities
    • Substitute positive and negative numbers into simple algebraic formulae
    • Substitute positive and negative numbers into algebraic formulae involving powers
    • Find the solution to a problem by writing an equation and solving it
    • Change the subject of a formula, eg change the formula for converting Celsius into
    • Fahrenheit into a formula that converts Fahrenheit into Celsius

Prior Knowledge:

    • Understanding of the mathematical meaning of the words expression, simplifying, formulae and equation
    • Experience of using letters to represent quantities
    • Substituting into simple expressions using words
    • Using brackets in numerical calculations and removing brackets in simple algebraic expressions

Key Vocabulary:

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Differentiation & Extension:

    • Use negative numbers in formulae involving indices
    • Develop algebraic skills in the Higher tier
    • Various investigations leading to generalisations

Using & Applying ideas:

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    • Emphasise good use of notation, eg 3ab means 3 × a × b
    • Students need to be clear on the meanings of the words expression, equation, word formulae and algebraic formulae as they can find this confusing

Teaching & Learning Resources:

3D Shapes Resources