Y10 Foundation: Topic 2: Decimals


  • Put digits in the correct place in a decimal number
  • Write decimals in ascending order of size
  • Approximate decimals to a given number of decimal places or to one significant figure
  • Multiply and divide decimal numbers by whole numbers and decimal numbers (up to 2
decimal places), eg 266.22 ÷ 0.34
  • Know that, eg 13.5 ÷ 0.5 = 135 ÷ 5

Prior Knowledge:

  • Whole numbers Topic 1
  • The concepts of a fraction and a decimal

Key Vocabulary:

  • Copy and paste here.

Differentiation & Extension:

  • Use decimals in real-life problems
  • Use standard form for very large and small numbers
  • Money calculations that require rounding answers to the nearest penny
  • Multiply and divide decimals by decimals (more than 2 dp)

Using & Applying ideas:

  • Collaborate here.

  • Present all working clearly with decimal points in line
  • Emphasise that all working is to be shown
  • For non-calculator methods make sure that remainders and carrying are shown
  • Amounts of money should always be rounded to the nearest penny where necessary

Teaching & Learning Resources:

3D Shapes Resources