Y10 Foundation: Topic 9: Collecting and recording data


    • Appreciate the range and type of enquiry undertaken by statisticians
    • Design a suitable question for a questionnaire
    • Understand the difference between: primary and secondary data; discrete and continuous data
    • Design suitable data capture sheets for surveys and experiments
    • Understand about bias in sampling and how to minimise it

Prior Knowledge:

    • An understanding of why data needs to be collected
    • Some idea about different types of graphs

Key Vocabulary:

  • Copy and paste here.

Differentiation & Extension:

    • Carry out a statistical investigation of their own including designing an appropriate means of gathering the data

Using & Applying ideas:

  • Collaborate here.

    • Students may need reminding about the correct use of tallies
    • Emphasise the differences between primary and secondary data
    • If students are collecting data as a group they should all use the same procedure
    • Emphasise that continuous data is data that is measured

Teaching & Learning Resources:

3D Shapes Resources