Y10 Foundation: Topic 22: Areas, volumes and dimensions


    • Find volumes of shapes by counting cubes
    • Use formulae for the volume of cuboids
    • Solve a range of problems involving volume
    • Convert between units of volume
    • Solve problems involving the circumference and area of a circle (and simple fractional parts of a circle)
    • Find the surface area of simple shapes made from triangles, rectangles and parts of a circle
    • Solve problems involving the volume of a cylinder
    • Find exact answers by leaving answers in terms of π
    • Understand formulae by considering its dimensions, eg identify formulae that represent area from a list

Prior Knowledge:

    • Names of triangles, quadrilaterals and polygons
    • Nets of simple solids
    • Concept of volume
    • Ability to give answers to a degree of accuracy
    • Experience of constructing cubes or cuboids
    • The ability to substitute numbers into formulae

Key Vocabulary:

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Differentiation & Extension:

    • Additional work using symbolic expressions
    • Find all possible nets of a cube
    • Convert between less familiar units, eg cm3 to mm3, cm3 to litres
    • Use more complex 2-D shapes, eg (harder) sectors of circles
    • Use more complex 3-D shapes, eg spheres
    • Surface area of cylinder with hemispherical cap
    • Approximate π as 7/22
    • Consider the dimensions of harder formulae, eg the surface area of a cone (including base)

    • Need to constantly revise the expressions for area and volume of shapes

Using & Applying ideas:

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Teaching & Learning Resources:

3D Shapes Resources