Y10 Foundation: Topic 6: Algebra and Linear equations


    • Simplify algebraic expressions in one or more like terms, by adding and subtracting
    • Understand the difference between the word ‘equation’, ‘formula’, ‘identity’ and ‘expression’
    • Multiply and divide with letters and numbers
    • Solve linear equations with one, or more, operations
    • Solve linear equations involving a single pair of brackets
    • Solve linear inequalities in one variable and present the solution set on a number line

Prior Knowledge:

    • Experience of using a letter to represent a number
    • Ability to use negative numbers with the four operations
    • Experience of finding missing numbers in calculations
    • The idea that some operations are ‘opposite’ to each other
    • An understanding of balancing
    • Experience of using letters to represent quantities
    • Be able to draw a number line

Key Vocabulary:

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Differentiation & Extension:

    • Further work on collecting like terms, involving negative terms
    • Collecting terms where each term may consist of more than one letter, eg 3ab + 4ab
    • Derive equations from practical situations (such as angle calculations)
    • Solve equations where manipulation of fractions (including the negative fractions) is required
    • Solve linear inequalities where manipulation of fractions is required

Using & Applying ideas:

  • Collaborate here.

    • Explanations about mathematical terminology should be tailored to suit the ability of the group
    • Emphasise correct use of symbolic notation, eg 3x rather than 3 × x
    • Present all work neatly, writing out the questions with the answers to aid revision at a later stage
    • Students need to realise that not all linear equations can easily be solved by either observation or trial and improvement, and hence the use of a formal method is vital
    • Students can leave their answers in fractional form where appropriate
    • Interpreting the direction of an inequality is a problem for many students

Teaching & Learning Resources:

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