Y10 Foundation: Topic 21: 3-D shapes


    • Count the vertices, faces and edges of 3-D shapes
    • Draw nets of solids and recognise solids from their nets
    • Draw and interpret plans and elevations
    • Draw planes of symmetry in 3-D shapes
    • Recognise and name examples of solids, including prisms, in the real world

Prior Knowledge:

    • The names of standard 3-D shapes
    • The unit on 2-D shapes

Key Vocabulary:

  • Copy and paste here.

Differentiation & Extension:

    • Make solids using equipment such as clixi or multi-link
    • Draw shapes made from multi-link on isometric paper
    • Build shapes from cubes that are represented in 2-D
    • Work out how many small boxes can be packed into a larger box

Using & Applying ideas:

  • Collaborate here.

    • Accurate drawing skills need to be reinforced
    • Some students find visualising 3-D objects difficult — simple models will assist

Teaching & Learning Resources:

3D Shapes Resources